1- Why do I need DIVVEE?

You have an EV and want to charge from home. DIVVEE will utilize the available power in your existing breaker panel without the need to upgrade it.

2- When do we need a DIVVEE?

DIVVEE is the perfect fit if you need to upgrade your electrical power to operate an EV charger and want a cost-effective solution.

3- What if I do not upgrade my breaker panel when installing a Level 2 EV charger?

If your panel is already close to capacity, you can cause the main breaker in your panel to trip each time the EV charger turns on, which will shut the power off your whole house.

4- How does a DIVVEE work?

DIVVEE uses your stove power to supply power to the Level 2 EV charger. It senses the power consumption of the stove and turns the EV charger on if the stove is off, and off when the stove is on.

5- Can I use the DIVVEE for anything else?

Yes! The DIVVEE, though mostly used for EV’s, is a load sharing device that can be used for hot tubs, heating & AC units, home welding & wood working shops 40 amps or less.

6- How does a DIVVEE save me money?

DIVVEE can easily been installed by an electrician (recommended) saving you thousands of dollars, (not to mention saving you the headaches and mess involved) when upgrading your electrical panel and power to your home.

7- How much money will the DIVVEE save me?

The savings could be as much as $6000 to $8000 depending on the cost of material and your electrician’s hourly rate in your area.

8- What power capability does the DIVVEE have?

The DIVVEE can manage power for anything 40 amps and below.

9- Where in the house can I install the DIVVEE?

The DIVVEE can be installed in any home, anywhere in your home.

10- Can I install a DIVVEE myself?

We recommend you always work with a qualified electrical contractor.

11- Does a DIVVEE work with any EV charger?

The DIVVEE will support all level 2 EV chargers.

12- Can I get it in a different color?

Yes. We will manufacture the DIVVEE in a different color based on a paint code you provide at an additional cost.

13- Does DIVVEE comply with electrical code?

Yes! DIVVEE is certified by QAI* in accordance with Canadian and US electrical codes.

*QAI is an independent third-party testing, inspection and certification organization which serves the building industry, government, and individuals. Visit QAI.org