Beginners guide: Why the DIVVEE?

You may be wishing to be the next electric car owner in your neighborhood, but ... is your home really ready to share the power with your latest purchase?

Some houses - especially townhouses - do not have electrical wiring ready to support the installation of an EV charger causing the main breaker in your panel to trip each time the EV charger turns on, which will shut the power off your whole house.
so, If your home is not ready to share the power, you will likely need to upgrade the breaker panel before using your Level 2 EV charger.

What if you don’t want to upgrade the breaker panel when installing a Level 2 EV charger?

The good news is the DIVVEE

DIVVEE monitors the power that is supplied to the stove and when it senses that the stove has been turned on, it shuts off the charger so to not overload the shared circuit breaker for the devices.

Once the range is turned off, DIVVEE turns the charger circuit on again and allows the vehicle to continue charging.

 DIVVEE can easily been installed by an electrician (recommended) saving you thousands of dollars, (not to mention saving you the headaches and mess involved) when upgrading your electrical panel and power to your home.

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