Welcome to the future of Electric Vehicle Chargers


Meet the DIVVEE

Hello, we are Loadshare!

 We understand that it takes POWER to get cars running every day, so we designed a brand new power management solution: the DIVVEE.

The DIVVEE is our legacy device that was developed for the residential EV charging market. It is a device that intercepts a 40 Amp circuit that is already included in your electrical breaker panel (usually the range breaker) and splits the power supply between that and the EV charger. When the range turns on, DIVVEE automatically shuts off the EV charger until the range stops operating, then turns it on again.

What does it mean?

  1. Decreased installation costs
  2. Safety while operating your power range - QAI approved
  3. The convenience of charging your EV while you're at home

    Learn more on how DIVVEE can help you save thousands of dollars in home renovation: info@loadsharetechnologies.com